Terror at Snake Hill is an engaging and suspenseful tale set against the backdrop of the 1866 Battle of the Lime Ridge. Terror at Snake Hill brings to life the invasion of the Niagara Peninsula by a group of Irish Americans known as the Fenian Brotherhood. Haunted and hunted by his long-time enemy, Travers Baloo, Peter James Plattow, the novel’s teenage hero, sets out to protect his homeland from the Fenian menace by rallying the sleeping farm community into action. Second Edition now available!  Copies are available. $15.00 + shipping in Canada.



The Destroyer – The Seige at Fort Erie 1814 … the true cause of the terrible explosion at Fort Erie has never been fully determined. Mine is one – a Canadian explanation. Copies are available. $10.00 + shipping in Canada.



Our People Live … the 16th century in North America was a time of change. The Europeans had entered the scene and with it, new rivalries emerged among the native peoples of the Northeast. Caught up in this were the Neutral or Atawandaron Indians.

They were caught between the powerful Iroquois nation and the Hurons. This is a dramatic picture of the destruction of an unusual people. It has elements of romance and religion. It is based on an actual historical event and is set mainly in the Niagara peninsula. Copies are available. $10.00 + shipping in Canada.



When Nature Calls is Earl’s first collection of Nature articles from his nature blog. Copies are available. $10.00 + shipping in Canada.



An Early and Local History of Niagara and Fort Erie is a compilation of many years of historical articles from the Fort Erie and Niagara Falls newspapers.  It is fully indexed and covers centuries of local history.  Available now, $15.00 + shipping in Canada.



About Two Rangers – Mohawk Blood: An exciting account of two men who served in the struggle of the American Revolution. Father, Christian James Plato, and his son, Peter James Plato, both served in Butler’s Rangers. The events and family background are true historically. The author has tried to create a dialogue to fit the times, Available now, $10.00 + shipping in Canada.



The Wintemute Warriors: From Palatinate, Germany, fleeing religious persecution, the Wintemutes settled in the Americas.  Follow their lives as they lose their homes and livelihood after remaining loyal to the Crown.  Available now, $10.00 + shipping in Canada.



The Bowen Legacy:  An exciting account of the Bowen family, emigrating from Wales to the New Land.  Losing it all when they remained loyal to the Crown. Available now, $10.00 + shipping in Canada.